Enterprise AI is the new hot topic in technology today.

As Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Thing (IoT) power on to enter into mainstream business processes, data analytics and sloutions to effectively process big data is now at the crossroads of becoming the future of business processing.

Data is now the core driver of customer experience as enhancing customer experience is now a top priority for digital transformation outcomes. By 2020, more than 40% of all data analytics projects will relate to customer experience.

Goes without saying that as the technology continues to develop in highly advanced economies, mergers and partnerships will continue to form, bringing companies in developing countries hungry for growth into the technological race.

One notable partnership as of January 2018 is between Quintet and i95 Group Thailand. Quintet, an IT company founded in2003 has taken lead in South Korea as a provider in CRM and data analytics solutions. With over 100 clients on list both locallyand internationally, i95 Group will bring the future of Data Analytics systems into Southeast Asia.

Chris Puranasamriddhi, CEO of i95 Group looks to combine it's company's high efficacy in digital marketing

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